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The Dirty Picture reminds me of my own life: Sunny Leone

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After her Bigg Boss stint, American pornstar turned actor Sunny Leone is all set for her 'Bollywood ride' that she's beginning with Pooja Bhatt's Jism 2. The lady who's presently busy getting into the skin of her character Izna, admits this is the most amazing time of her life and she's trying to make the most of it. She's taking her Hindi lessons with all sincerity and is amazed with her director's (Pooja Bhatt) eye for detail. Not only this, Sunny Leone loved Vidya Balan's performance in The Dirty Picture and hopes to get some tips from her, if she is willing to do that.

Sunny is philosophical about starting her career in Bollywood and is taking one step at a time. Yes, she is willing to start a new chapter in Bollywood, but only if God scripts her story accordingly. For now, her debut venture Jism 2 is set to hit the floors on April 1. Here're excerpts from an email interview with the star in making:

Hindustan Times: What was going on in your mind, when you landed in India few days back? Was it nostalgia, excitement about Jism 2 or both?
Sunny Leone: Well, right before I got off the plane I looked at my partner Daniel and we both said "Get ready for the ride!" (laughs) This has been one of the most amazing times of my life and I feel that it's only just begun. Pooja Bhatt, Dino Morea, Mr Mahesh Bhatt, and the rest of the Jism 2 crew have been so amazing since the moment I have met them. There were so many people outside the airport waiting for me and seeing it was something I have never seen before. Simply amazing.

Hindustan Times: In India, film stars are worshipped. You must have got a feel of it when you landed in India. What do you think about the fan frenzy here? Do you relate to it or love your privacy?
Sunny Leone: I am just beginning to really understand this concept of how film stars are treated in India. I, in no way, think of myself as a star but as someone who is in the entertainment industry. When you are an entertainer, you do everything for your fans. If you didn't like or embrace the idea of fans going nuts or admiring you then I am not sure why someone would want to get into show business. If it wasn't for every fan that purchased a ticket to go see our movies then we would be no one. I really do love my fans and they make it possible for me to share who I am.

NEW BEGINNING: Sunny Leone with her partner Daniel at Mumbai airport

Hindustan Times: How's the preparation for Jism 2 going on? What efforts are you making to get into the skin of your character? You are also apparently losing weight for the film.
Sunny Leone: The preparation for Jism 2 is going wonderful. I have two-three Hindi coaches who are helping me to learn my dialogues, understand my dialogues and become the character that is needed for this movie. One of the coaches, Sudesh from the Jism 2 crew is with me everyday and pushes me to better my dialogue delivery. I am lucky to have him as my coach and happy that he's so patient. Every time we go through each scene, I become closer and closer to this character.

There are a lot of similarities between me and the character. I believe any woman would relate to her because at one point in our lives we have gone through something similar that she has, if not the whole character, then some aspects of her. All I do is think about her and study each and every page of the script. 

I am not trying to lose weight, I am maintaining my figure and also trying to tone my body so that in the film I look the best I have ever looked. It is my mission to give 110% of my entire mind and jism to this role so I become the best I can be. I have been given a chance that every girls dreams of.

STAR IN MAKING: Sunny Leone poses for a photoshoot

Hindustan Times: Have you been attending any workshops for Jism 2?
Sunny Leone: I am not sure what workshops are?

Hindustan Times: What do you think about Pooja Bhatt as a director? How's she guiding you in your debut venture in Bollywood?
Sunny Leone: Pooja Bhatt is a very inspiring woman. She is so nice and above and beyond anything that I have expected. Today I got to watch the whole team in action at their offices and it was amazing to seen how much she and the team spends on every single detail. No detail is missed by Pooja and I am looking forward to working in this movie and having her as the first person to launch my career as a real actress. 

Hindustan Times: Are you a method actor or a spontaneous one?
Sunny Leone: To be completely honest with you I have no idea what kind of actor I am. I guess when this movie is completed I will find out. But I will say that I am good with direction and also can change on the fly with a director's needs.

Hindustan Times: You watched The Dirty Picture recently (your tweet suggested that). How did you like Vidya Balan's performance. Would you take any tips/cues from her?
Sunny Leone: I thought she was amazing in the film. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. She really captured me into her character and reminded me sometimes about how I feel about the world I come from and the guts it takes to do whatever you want in life. If I ever meet her again and if she agrees to give me tips then I would definitely listen to her intently. You never know what you might learn from someone.

Hindustan Times: Are you watching other movies also, to prepare for your role. Please list them out for us.
Sunny Leone: Since I have been in India I watch all the hindi channels. I am not sure that there is particular movie that would help me prepare. I watch them because I am interested in the movie. I have no idea what the names of them are. 

BOLLYWOOD DREAMS: Sunny Leone hopes to make it big in Bollywood

Hindustan Times: Who's your favourite Bollywood actor and actress? Who all do you want to work with?
Sunny Leone: Well to be honest, out of all the movies I have watched and the performances I have seen, Vidya was something I thought was very different and her character wasn't of the norm. To answer your second query, at this point I have no idea who I want to work with. 

Hindustan Times: Tell us more about your character in the film. Mahesh Bhatt recently tweeted that your real life persona is quite similar to your character. Do you agree with him?
Sunny Leone: Yes he is correct. There are a lot of aspects in me that are similar to the character I'm portraying on screen. She is a very complex person with different shades. I don't think that the character is someone that reflects my current life at this time, but there are a lot of situations in the film that are similar to my past. There is a huge sense of loss this character goes through, and I believe that most women and men have gone through this whether in relationships or family. My character is trying to find her way, the right way, but goes through a lot in her mind to figure it out.

Hindustan Times: Have you met your co-stars Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh? Are you guys excited to work together?
Sunny Leone: Yes I have met them. They seem very nice and I am looking forward to working with them. 

FAN FRENZY: Sunny Leone says an actor is a star because of fans

Hindustan Times: If you become successful in India, would you take up Bollywood as a full-time career, leaving the porn industry behind?
Sunny Leone: Well with each chapter in your life, there is a beginning and there is an end. I am not sure where that is, at the moment. I don't like to talk about what might come because I can't predict the future. All I know is that I'm here and I would love to stay, but only God knows how my story continues.

Hindustan Times: What's your message for your fans?
Sunny Leone: Watch JISM 2!!!!!!!!! And thank you for being you, and making me so happy with your love.

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